The International Max-Planck-Research School in Chemical and Molecular Biology (IMPRS-CMB) covers the areas of Chemical Biology, Medicinal Chemistry, Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Structural Biology and Systems Biology.

The main goal of our research school is to provide an interdisciplinary training: students will join a specific group and focus on a chosen research area but at the same time will be exposed to a broad field of scientific questions and approaches in the areas of Chemistry, Biology and Biophysics.

Our faculty is composed of nearly 30 independent and internationally recognized group leaders, that have created an extremely collaborative atmosphere in which the students are encourage to learn, to exchange knowledge and to cross the boundaries between the different groups.

Faculty members share supervision duties: every student, in addition to the group leader, in whose laboratory they are carrying out the project, is supervised by two other faculty members. The three supervisors constitute the Thesis Advisory Committee (TAC). The TAC meets once a year to assess the state of the project, to provide critical comments and to guide in the choice of project directions.

Students are offered many training opportunities, such educational lectures, scientific seminars, method workshops and career development workshops. In addition, students are encouraged (and financially supported) to travel to conferences, meetings and workshops worldwide.