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The doctoral degree can be awarded only by our university partners. For this reason, all IMPRS students are also enrolled as graduate students at a German university (in the case of IMPRS-CMB students, either TU Dortmund, Ruhr-University-Bochum or University of Essen-Duisburg, depending on the affiliation of the supervisor).
To enrol, conduct and complete the doctoral studies, therefore, IMPRS students need to adhere to the regulation and guidelines of the universities.
At German universities admission to a graduate program is possible only after having completed a Master degree. An exception to this rule is allowed if the university offers the possibility of a ‘Fast Track’ graduate program.

The requirements to apply for the ‘Fast Track’ program in our partner universities are:
- an excellent bachelor degree with a final mark of 1,5 or better. Please read further about the German mark system and how to convert your CGPA into the German equivalent.
- the completion of additional courses preparatory to the doctoral studies with a mark of 1,5 or better. The additional coursework will be decided by the university on a case to case basis.

We encourage excellent bachelor students to apply to our program and we will take care of contacting the university authorities to evaluate the ‘Fast Track’ option. If extra coursework is required, this will be communicated to the applicant upon invitation for the interview.

German academic grading

1.0 sehr gut (very good)
2.0 gut (good)
3.0 befriedigend (satisfactory)
4.0 ausreichend (sufficient)
5.0 ungenügend (insufficient/fail)

Conversion equation: 

conversion equation

 x = German equivalent grade

Nmax = highest possible grade at your university
Nmin = lowest possible passing grade at your university
Nd = your final grade as on your transcript or certificate

Important: Please remember that this conversion equation is only an indication. Our partner universities also take into account the university where the bachelor was awarded.