Claudia AntoniClaudia Antoni

• From Livorno, Italy
• MSc. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, University of Pisa
• Expression, purification and cryo-EM characterization of Photorabdus asymbiotica dermonecrotic toxin
• Supervisor: Dr. Stefan Raunser
• Techniques: Molecular biology, protein purification, X-ray chrystallography and cryo-EM.
• Part of the IMPRS since November 2014
• Contact data:

bendre shweta-webShweta Bendre

• From Pune, India
• M.Sc. in biochemistry and molecular biology, Universität Bremen, Germany
• Investigating the mechanism by which GTSE1 controls mitotic spindle assembly and cytokinesis in
  mammalian cells
• Supervisor: Dr. Alex Bird
• Techniques: Cell culture, BAC recombineering
• Part of the IMPRS since : May 2013
• Contact data:
• Phone number : (+49) 231 133 2106

brand simone-webSimone Brand

• From Mainz, Germany
• MSc. in infection biology and biochemistry, Julius- Maximilians- Universität Würzburg
• Preliminary Title of PhD project: Enzyme activity during autophagy
• Supervisor: Dr. Yaowen Wu
• Techniques: Protein fluorescence labeling in vivo and in vitro, Amber suppression technique
• Part of the IMPRS since April 2013
• Contact data:

yannik brueggemannYannick Brüggemann

• From Münster, Germany
• MSc. in Cell Biology, University of Osnabrück
• Context dependent Erk signaling
• Supervisor: Prof. Philippe Bastiaens
• Techniques: FLIM, Live cell microscopy
• Part of the IMPRS since August 2015
• Contact data:

bugain olivia-webGaelle Olivia Bugain

• From: Bafoussam, Cameroon
• MSc. in Chemistry, Goethe University Frankfurt
• Title of PhD project: Synthesis and screening of DNA-Encoded Chemical Libraries
• Supervisor: Dr. Andreas Brunschweiger
• Techniques: DELs, HPLC, LC-MS, Flash chromatography, MALDI-TOF
• Part of the IMPRS since April 2013
• Contact data: Tel: 0176 72105130, E-Mail:

CeballosJavier de Ceballos Cerrajería

• Santander, Spain
• Bachelor degree in Chemistry, specialized in Organic Chemistry, at the University of Oviedo, Spain (2006-2011).
  Masters degree at the ICIQ (Catalonian Institute for Chemical Research) under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Kilian Muñiz (2011-2012)
• Ph.D title: Synthesis of Glucose Uptake Inhibitiors

• Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Waldmann
• Techniques: Applied Organic Synthesis
• Part of the IMPRS since April from 2013
• Contact data: email address:
  Cell phone: +44 (0) 157 871 474 69

thuy duong-webThanh Thuy Duong

• From Ninh Thuân province, Vietnam.
• MSc. in Immunotherapy for cancer of Animal Physiology, University of Science,
  Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam.
• Preliminary Title of PhD project: Regulation of microtubule dynamics in neuromorphogenesis
• Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Phillipe Bastiaens, Prof. Dr. Frank Wehner
• Techniques: Immunocytochemistry, Transgene, Create animal model of cancer,
  Cell and tissue transplantation, human and animal cell culture.
• Part of the IMPRS since September, 2012.
• Contact data:
• Office email:
  Offical phone number: 0231 7557 060

duerholt evaEva Madeleine Dürholt

* From Bochum, Germany
* MSc. in Molecular Biology, Westfälische Hochschule
* Preliminary Title of PhD project
* Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Konstanze F. Winklhofer
* Techniques: cell culture, qRT-PCR, RNA interference, reporter gene assays
* Part of the IMPRS since September 2014
* Contact data:;

erwin nelliNelli Erwin

• From: Besch-Terek, Kyrgyzstan
• MSc. in Chemical Biology, TU Dortmund, Germany
• Preliminary Title of PhD project: High pressure perturbation approaches for
  studying Ras signaling
• Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Roland Winter
• Techniques: Confocal Fluorescence Microscopy, FCS, Fluorescence Spectroscopy, AFM
• Part of the IMPRS since 1.10.2014
• Contact data:
phone: (+49)231 755-3925

mariaMaria Ascension Villar Fernandez

• From Sevilla, Spain
• Bachelor degree in Biotechnology, Pablo de Olavide University
• MSc. in Tissue Engineering, University of Granada
• Preliminary Title of PhD project: Characterization of the role of the Pch2/ORC complex
  in controlling meiotic DNA break formation
• Supervisor: Gerben Vader
• Techniques: Yeast genetics, biochemistry, protein purification
• Part of the IMPRS since 2014
• Contact data:


ferreira pedroPedro Ferreira

• From Porto, Portugal
• MSc. in Cellular and Molecular Biology, University of Porto
• Functions and regulation of Treslin in vertebrate initiation of DNA replication
• Supervisor: Domink Boos
• Techniques: immunoprecipitation, western blot, FACS,
  siRNA knockdown, cell cultures manipulation
• Part of the IMPRS since August 2015
• Contact data:


Gonsberg AnikaAnika Gonsberg

• From Herne, Germany
• MSc. in Molecular Biology, Westfälische Hochschule (Recklinghausen)
• Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Jörg Tatzelt
• Techniques: cell biological, biochemical and molecular biological methods
• Part of the IMPRS since September 2014
• Contact data:

graf sabine-webSabine Graf

• From Germany
• Diploma in biochemistry, University of Tübingen (Germany)
• Transcriptome modulation by targeting protein-protein interactions between SMADs and transcription regulators
• Supervisor: Dr. Sven Hennig
• Techniques: molecular biology, protein purification, biochemical analysis and characterization of proteins, X-ray crystallography, assay development
• Part of the IMPRS since 20.06.2013
• Contact data:
o phone: +49-231-133-2964
o email:


heider elenaElena Reckzeh, geb. Heider

• From Hilden, Germany
• MSc. In Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology, TU Dortmund
• Development of GLUT-1 inhibitors
• Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Herbert Waldmann
• Techniques: cell-based assays, biochemical assays, flow cytometry,
  life cell imaging, microscopy, organic chemistry, 3D-QSAR modeling,
  pharmacophore modeling
• Part of the IMPRS since August 2015
• Contact data:
+49 (0)231-133-2430

Jia-webZhi-Jun Jia

• From Suining, China
• MSc. in Medicinal Chemistry, Sichuan university
• Assymetric cycloadditions in the synthesis of natural-product-inspired compound collections
• Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Herbert Waldmann
• Part of the IMPRS since 27th July of 2012
• Contact data:

klewer laura-webLaura Klewer

• From Sprockhövel, Germany
• MSc. Biomedical and Molecular Science Research, King’s College London
• Dynamics of Autophagosome Formation
• Supervisor: Dr Yaowen Wu
• Techniques: molecular biology, cell culture, confocal/widefield microscopy, western blotting, …
• Part of the IMPRS since September 2012
• Contact data:

körver lisaLisa Körver

• From Königswinter, Germany
• MSc. Life and Medical Sciences, University of Bonn
• “Regulation by ubiquitination in endolysosmal stress”
• Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Hemmo Meyer
• Techniques: Molecular Biology, Mammalian cell culture, Co-Immunoprecipitations,
  Western Blots, confocal fluorescence microscopy, life cell microscopy
• Part of the IMPRS since September 2015
• Contact data:

kremer leaLea Kremer

From Dortmund, Germany
MSc. in Medical Biology, University of Duisburg-Essen
Preliminary title of the PhD project: Identification of Novel Hedgehog Pathway
   Modulators and their Cellular Target Proteins
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Herbert Waldmann
Techniques: Cell culture, Immunoblotting, Immunocytochemistry, quantitative PCR,
   Reporter gene assay, Flow cytometry, Viability assays, Life cell imaging,
   Tubulin binding assays, Tubulin regrowth assay
Part of the IMPRS since 29.08.2014
Contact data: Lea Kremer
           * Max-Planck-Institute of Molecular Physiology
           * Otto-Hahn-Straße 11
           * 44227 Dortmund
           * Tel.: 0231/133-2432
           * Email:

lee yenchun-webYen-Chun Lee

• From Taichun, Taiwan
• MSc. Department of Chemistry, National Tsing Hua University
• Gold catalyzed Spirooxindole Compound Collections
• Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Herbert Waldmann
• Techniques:
• Part of the IMPRS since… 2013.07
• Contact data:

leidreiter franziskaFranziska Leidreiter

• From Everswinkel, Germany
• MSc. in chemical Biology, TU Dortmund
• Structural analysis of bacterial toxins
• Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Stefan Raunser
• Techniques: protein biochemistry, electron microscopy
• Part of the IMPRS since: August 2015
• Contact data: