Time line of the next IMPRS-CMB selection:

  • online registration: activated from 15th September 2018
  • deadline for application: 31st October 2018 (24:00 Central European Time)
  • deadline for submission of reference letters: 7th November 2018 (24:00 CET)
  • Interview in Dortmund: 6th-8th February 2019

Once the aplication phase is concluded, the coordination office and faculty members will review all complete application.
Candidates will be short-listed based on their academic qualifications, motivation letter, scientific background and recommendation letters.

The interview will take place at the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Physiology in Dortmund.
IMPRS-CMB provides support regarding VISA application and reimburses ALL costs for travel and accommodation during the interviews.
Invited candidates will be interviewed by a panel of faculty members, after which, they will meet the group leaders in one to one interviews. Moreover, there will be also the chance to meet our current students to learn more about our program and the ongoing research in the participating groups.

Offers will se sent to successful candidates a week after the interviews.



Summer Selection 2019:

  • online registration: activated from 8th March 2019
  • deadline for application: 19th April 2019 (24:00 Central European Time)
  • interview in Dortmund: 1st-3rd July 2019